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Guy finds his house plumbed with beer

It’s every man’s dream property complete with all the mod cons including a kitchen, a bathroom and… beer on tap.

That’s what one guy in New Zealand came home to find after his friends
decided to prank him and plumb his entire house with beer.

A seven-minute long video shows a group of lads sneakily plumbing their mate Russ’s house while he was out.

The poster of the video, said: ‘Me and the boys played a bit of a joke on our mate Russ. Kegs of beer have been plumbed into every tap in the house, with loads of cameras to catch the action.’

The clip shows them putting dozens of beer barrels under the house and hooking them up to the plumbing system so every tap in the building runs cold beer.

The men then rig the house with cleverly-hidden video cameras so they can capture the moment Russ walks in on the prank.

Once satisfied that beer pours from every tap, they settle in the garage and wait patiently for Russ to return home.

Trying keep giggles to a minimum, the men watch eagerly as Russ wonders around the house and turns a tap on saying, ‘What the hell!’

Eventually they give up the joke and greet him; cheering and filming as Russ invites them in for a beer.

While it’s a dream come true for Russ and pals, it’s also a clever idea for a brewery advert.

Labels can be seen of the New Zealand beer company Tui a few times in the video, leading to much speculation that it could be marketing ploy.

The brewery has not claimed responsibility for the video but commented on a Facebook post saying, ‘awesome, those guys deserve a medal or something’.

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