Gumby screws up 7-Eleven robbery

A Gumby lookalike took his chances and attempted to rob a US convenience store, claiming to have a gun, but failed due to an unfortunate costume glitch.

Surveillance video footage shows the chancer in a bulky green costume entering a 7-Eleven in southern California, and demanding money.

Unfortunately for him he was not taken seriously.

The shop assistant thought it was a joke and ignored the life-size character, telling him he was cleaning up and didn’t have time to waste.

‘You don’t think this is a robbery? I have a gun,’ Gumby said, while fumbling inside his costume – presumambly trying to locate a weapon, San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen said.

‘The green-gloves seemed to get in the way, and rather than pull a gun, he dropped 26 cents on the floor,’ Hassen added.

The video shows a second, plain-clothed man who came in with the suspect leave the shop, probably out of embarrassment.

The would-be robber decides to flee empty-handed when his accomplice pulls up in a white or silver minivan in front of the store and beeps his horn.

San Diego’s KGTV News reported that the shop assistant told his boss he didn’t know who Gumby was and described the robber as a ‘green Sponge Bob Square Pants’.

His boss called police after viewing the surveillance tape, with officers taking the attempted robbery seriously.

‘It doesn’t matter if a potential robber is wearing a ski mask, a bandanna, a hoodie or a big, green head – it’s still a disguise,’ Hassan said.

A reward of up to $1000 is being offered by US Crime Stoppers.

There have been no arrests, but police are hoping people will recognise Gumby’s partner from the surveillance tape.


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