Free sausage with every prostitute club burns down

The owner of the Club Savanah brothel in Switzerland, who tried to drum up trade by offering punters a free sausage with every visit, has burned his establishment to the ground after losing control of his barbecue.

Naked clients and sex workers fled the Aargau building as the flames consumed the brothel.

The blaze started in the courtyard before spreading to the main building before local firefighters could tackle it.

Swiss brothels seem to have had a tough time of it lately when it comes to fire – last year a base for transsexual prostitution in Basel was engulfed by flames, leaving one customer literally caught with his pants down.

The man, simply known as ‘Memeth J’, who was asleep when the fire broke out, had to climb naked onto the window ledge.

Local newspapers got pictures of his exposed rear but failed to get his face – which was probably just as well as he feared his family would identify him.

The man said at the time: ‘I just hope my family can’t tell who I am from my bottom.

‘I’m gay, but my family don’t know about me so I couldn’t show my face.’


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