France vote on banning the burqa

French politicians take a final vote this week on a law banning face-covering veils in public spaces, although the constitution court may come into force.

The bill makes no reference to Islam,but has been promoted by Nicolas Sarky as a measurement veils such of burqa, as a measurement to protect Muslim women frombeing forced to wear full face veils.

The senate vote follows are in Frances’ National Assembly that passed a law to make wearing the garment in a public alleged, in July by 335 votes to one, and the upper house in July.The upper house is also expected to approve.

Some other European countries are mulling over similar bans.

While Sarcozy’s determination to ban such garments. He’s won enough political support to carry it. Opponents argue that it breeds French and European Human Rights Legislation.

The bill defines public space very broadly, including not just government buildings and transport, but all streets, markets, and thoroughfares.

Similar laws are pending in Belgium,Spain and South Italian.

Only about 1900 women to among 5-6 million Muslims.

In a bid to pander to anti-immigration voters and to distict attention from Frances economic woes.

Most French Muslims come from Frances former colonies in North and West Africa, the veil is rare, rather than from the Arabian peninsular or Pakistan, where niqabs burqas are a cultural tradition.


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