Four-year-old crashes mums car into a tree

A very young boy racer was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after taking his mother’s car for a spin during rush hour, before crashing into a tree.

Police are currently investigating how exactly the four-year-old from California was able to embark on his wild ride around the city of Fullerton in Orange County.

The youngster is believed to have wriggled free of his child seat when his mother stopped to use the phone, climbed into the front seat and put the car in gear before driving off.

After leaving the car park at the Summit House restaurant the boy drove the vehicle down the street, side-swiping another vehicle and driving into the opposite lane. At one point the car rolled over and landed back on its tyres, before finally hitting a tree.

The boy, who only received minor to moderate injuries in the accident, is believed to have travelled around a third of a mile in total.


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