Ferrets can grow human livers

Scientists have used ferret livers, which are the size of walnuts, to grow minature human livers.

The breakthrough by US scientists raises the prospect of growing livers that could then be transplanted into patients.

The US team used part of the ferret livers as a “scaffold” to grow human liver cells, after the animal cells were removed.

The next step is to see if the organ can still function after being transferred into an animal.

This technology could be used in hospitals in the very near future, with patients donating stem cells to grow replacement livers.

Liver disease is the only cause of death that increases every year.

The main reasons for liver transplants are alcohol cirrhosis, and to be honest, people with liver problems that are alcohol related should never, ever be allowed a transplant.

Another reason is damage caused by hepatitis C.

by Susan Floyd


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