Easter Bunny pulled for not wearing helmet

An Easter Bunny on a motorcycle has found himself on the wrong side of the law after being pulled over by police for not wearing a helmet.

An Easter Bunny was pulled over by police for not wearing a helmet

The rabbit (it was actually a man in a costume, in case you were confused) shocked officers after they saw him cruising down a Californian highway without head protection.

But rather than let the bunny off, highway patrol official Adam Griffiths decided to stop him.

Griffiths reportedly radioed through to fellow officers, saying: ‘I’m stopping the Easter Bunny.’

A colleague was so surprised by the person wearing bunny gear he decided to take a picture.

‘His outfit was a visual impairment, he was not able to be aware of his surroundings, and therefore he threatened his own safety and that of others,’ a spokesman for the California highway patrol said.

‘Griffiths told him it was a serious situation and that it wasn’t a joke.’

It turned out the motorcyclist was headed to a charity event and he was allowed to get on his way after being given a stern warning from the cops.


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