Dumb attackers tattoo the word ‘RAPEST” into victims forehead after ‘stun-gunning’ his balls

A mentally impaired Oklahoma City man was held down and shocked in the genitals with a stun gun April 17 while his attackers forcibly tattooed the word “RAPEST” on his forehead, police reported.

Stetson Johnson, 18, was left for dead by the gang who also battered him with baseball bats, police have said.

The terrifying assault happened while Mr Johnson was staying with friend Kimberly Vergara, 25, earlier this year in Oklahoma City.

It is thought that a former boyfriend was unhappy about the friendship.

While he was staying with her Vergara suddenly turned on Mr Johnson and launched the attack with three friends, Richard Dellert, 31, Zachary Chase, 31, and Lorena Hodges, 33.

The two women are understood to have pushed a stun gun into Mr Johnson’s genitals and shocked him while the men tattooed him.

He was left with ‘rapest’, a misspelling of rapist, on his forehead and ‘I like little boys’ on his chest.

The group are then alleged to have tied his hands and battered him around the head and arms with a baseball bat.

Stetson said, ‘It hurt. I was, like, ”Why is this going on? Why is this happening to me?”. They was, like, “Just shut up”.’

Stetson, who has learning difficulties, struggled against the attackers but was unable to kick them off.

He added, “‘They just put the tattoo on there. They was, like, ”This is what you’re going to get and you’re going to walk around with this”.

‘I tried to push my way off of them and they kept on holding me down harder,’ he told NewsOK.

Police said that Mr Johnson was taken to Eagle Lake in Del City after being tattooed.

There the gang taped together his hands and struck him with a baseball bat until he was unconscious.

Mr Johnson said that when he came round he staggered to a nearby trailer park where he was able to get help.

‘I walked probably about a mile. I crawled and walked. I was, like, ”I don’t think I’ll be able to survive”,’ Johnson said.

He spent a number of days in intensive care before being released from hospital. Mr Johnson and his mother, Lucy Ford, now plan to move house amid fears that he could be attacked again.

The four suspects were arrested and held in police custody. A judge denied them bail.
Police identified Dellert as a tattoo artist who is known locally as Buddha. They seized four tattoo guns, nine tattoo needles and 17 bottles of tattoo ink from him in Midwest City.

Del City police detective David Abel said that both women had admitted that they used the stun gun.

Mr Johnson has now had the offensive tattoos covered up with a barcode design and plans to eventually have them permanently removed.

by Sasha Dubronitz


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