Drunk moose gets stuck up tree

A drunk Swedish moose got stuck up an apple tree and had to be cut free after an intoxicating evening foraging for fruit.

The silly moose suffered the fate of many an intoxicated human after a night of heavy drinking – and found himself in a very embarrassing predicament.

Police believe the inebriated elk got into a state after eating fermented apples, and got stuck while trying to reach fruit higher up the tree.

The binge-drinking beast somehow managed to wedge itself into the branches of the tree with all four legs off the ground.

Fire crews had to chop down the tree to help free the animal from the branches.

Once free, the drunken deer staggered off into nearby woods, presumably  to sleep off the effects of his big night out.

The moose was left physically unharmed by the incident but will probably have a cracking hangover to nurse, along with the embarrassing memory.

His friends’ll have a field day over this one – ‘remember the time Marvin got stuck in the tree? What an idiot.’

‘Yeah, OK guys, whatever. That was ages ago, can you stop going on about it please?’

Maybe he won’t be alone in his suffering though – drunken moose are said to be fairly common in Sweden, where they often eat fallen fruit that has fermented.