Donkey to run for mayor in Bulgarian elections

Marko the donkey has been chosen by the Society for New Bulgaria political party to represent them for the elections on October 23. 

It was reported that the party see Marko as the ideal alternative to the current mayor Kiril Yordanov, who they feel is not doing a good enough job for the town.

Angel Dyankov, head of the campaign headquarters of the Society for New Bulgaria party, said: ‘Unlike the other mayor candidates and politicians, the Donkey has a strong character, doesn’t steal, doesn’t lie, and gets work done.’

Fellow Society for New Bulgaria member Doychin Dimitrovmade made his point clear about his dissatisfaction with the current mayor of Varna.

‘Marko’s life is difficult because the green areas in the Bulgarian sea capital are disappearing.

‘Let the residents of Varna draw the line and decide who has more positive qualities – the donkey or the incumbent Mayor.’

So, we were wondering how Marko would stack up against Julia Gillard.

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