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Dogs dress up as dinosaurs

Jurassic Park has been un-officially turned into Jurassic Pooch following the release of some hilarious fancy dress outfits for dogs.

Gone are the days when embarrassed pets had to turn up to a party and skip the dress code because there was nothing wear.

Now they can fit right in by turning themselves into popular dinosaurs – including the velociraptor, stegosaurus or triceratops.

In the blink of an eye, front paws turn into claws and it’s hard not to think the once extinct beasts have come back to life.The full body dinosaur costumes are set to become a roaring success and can be purchased for as little as $30.

Apart turning into dino-dogs, crazy canines can also bear a likeness to many other animal favourites such as the walrus, shark, turtle and zebra.

The trend follows on from a quirky British bulldog called Menace, who loves to get dressed in his favourite Count Dracula outfit.

Menace even has his own Facebook page where his owner posts pictures of his outings to the park.

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