Doesn’t matter how old you are…ALL suicide bombers are cunts, who should not be forgiven

A boy of 14 who took part in a suicide bomb mission that left 40 people dead has begged Allah for forgiveness in a TV interview from his hospital bed.

Religion is so messed up…so over-rated.

This little prick shouldn’t be asking Allah for forgiveness. People who are up to their necks in religion have got it all so very, very wrong. For a start, if he was going to be forgiven, he should be asking the families of the 40 people that he murdered. And no, I don’t think he should be forgiven.

Let’s bring back the hanging for fucks like this. At least bring the birch back.

Ban all religion. Because, let’s face it, it causes nothing but problems from around the world to the local communities. The Bible, the Koran and all of the other wonderous scriptures that guide us in our lives. Don’t people see that this was written by us humans. For instance, the Bible was written some seventy years after Jesus was supposedly crucified.

The next time you have friends round please, please play a game of Chinese Whispers. It probably works better with about ten people, but if you tell the person next to you one short phrase, I can bet you that once the phrase goes around and comes back to you, it will be different.

Which is exactly my point. I’m not apposed to there being a God, or some supreme being, but the fact is this…us humans made all Gods.

Again, in the Bible and Koran, there is nothing about dinosaurs. If God was the creator, he must have created dinosaurs…but it’s not in the Bible. That’s right, of course they aren’t, because us crazy humans wrote the book about 2,000 years ago. Yes, the Koran tells us about child-birth and is quite informative. The Bible has guide lines by which we should live, you know, loving thy neighbour, not stealing…which I totally agree with.

It’s OK to believe in God or Allah, if you really have to. But before you get brainwashed by the propaganda ways of some sectors of religion, before you strap on the dynamite filled belt, stop and think about all of the lives that you are affecting. Think about all of the hatred that you are about to install. Because I don’t believe that there is no conscience…there must be a little thought about what these people are doing.

What’s worse are the parents. Do they really bring children into the world so they can aspire to be murderers?

“Hello Dad, I almost finished my Grade 2 in suicide bomber classes”…”Well done son…I’m so proud”

“So proud that you’re going to grow up to kill innocent people and take innocent lives, in the name of some false idol.

So, to this little cunt who wanted to be a martyr and become a suicide bomber…no, Allah won’t forgive you, because he doesn’t exist…and if he did exist, do you really think he’d want to have anything to do with you?

by Sel Hurst


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