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Dandelion found growing inside baby’s ear

Doctors made an unexpected discovery when they found a dandelion growing inside a young baby’s ear canal.

Dandelion found growing inside babys ear

Stunned medical staff in Beijing, China, found the flower when the 16-month-old girl’s worried parents took her to hospital.

They say the girl has been suffering from an ear infection for more than four months and finally decided to see a specialist when she began scratching it regularly.

Her mother saw ‘something’ inside her daughter’s ear, but told doctors she was unable to get it out. It was later surgically removed.

According to the Beijing Morning Post, the flower had grown to nearly 2cm long, with the humid conditions in the ear canal encouraging its growth.

‘Even the slightest bit of pressure put her at risk for internal bleeding so it had to come out,’ explained physician Gu Qinglong.

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