Clarkson making lotsa dosh

Jeremy Clarkson pocketed an extra $500,000 from Top Gear on top of his seven figure BBC salary.

Clarkson, 50, has cashed in on merchandising revenue from the shows global success.

In accounts filed at Companies House for Bedder 6, the joint venture between Clarkson and his executive producer and the BBC’s commercial arm, sales for 2010 were around $50 million.

The programme cost $35 million and profits were $12 million.

The BBC have been criticised for letting him cash in on Top Gear.

BBC Worldwide owns 50% of Bedder 6, and Clarkson controls 3,000 shares.

The Boxing Day edition of the show which was played in Britain, sparked a row after Clarkson and Richard Hammond wore burkas while driving across the Middle East to trace the Three Wise Men’s journey.

by Harry Harper


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