Chihuahua needs flamenco-dancing partner

A Spanish chihuahua called ‘El Wily’ has been amusing viewers with his dazzling and super cute Flamenco dancing skills.

It’s hard to pick faults with the little pooch who seems like he was born to dance the Flamenco. But we reckon the tiny dancer needs a partner as he looks a little lonely, although it would probably be a real challenge to find someone up to this special chihuahua’s level of dancing.

Sure, there have many examples on the web of pet chihuahuas dancing on two legs around their owners’ living rooms. But nothing can come close to El Wily, which translates as ‘The William’, in terms of the rhythm, moves and perfect timing.

In the video we see El Wily dancing to a Flamenco song and moving his hips and feet in an impressive fashion.

Will El Wily find a dance partner? We hope so, but even if he doesn’t we’re sure he’ll carry on attracting many admirers…

Watch El Wily doing his stuff:


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