Cat runs for mayor of Mexican state capital

As political animals go, this one hopes he will be grinning like a Cheshire Cat come election day.

Morris the catA feline by the name of Morris is in the running to be mayor of Veracruz state capital Xalapa, in Mexico.

Armed with a paw-ful of policies, he has been put forward as the citizen’s candidate in the July 7 election.

With the campaign slogan ‘Xalapa Without Rats’, he promises to do pretty much the same as other politicians – which is not a lot except sleep and take it easy.

His Facebook campaign page also insists that, although he is likely to cause a mess on a regular basis, at least he will cover it up and not leave it lying around for everyone else to clean up.

It looks like the pledges are connecting with the electorate as his Facebook page currently has more ‘likes’ than three of the four main candidates in the election.

And while Morris claims to have a weakness for ‘quilts, sheets, pillows, couches, and clothing in general’, his supporters are hoping he doesn’t become just another fat cat if he wins power.

Morris for mayor


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