Car park demolished around parked vehicle

A driver will probably be bemused when he returns to his vehicle to find the car park around it has vanished.

Car Park Demolished

Rather than actually disappearing into thin air, the surrounding area has been demolished after construction workers in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, grew impatient.

They had been waiting for the driver to return for 10 days in order to complete a street-broadening development and felt they could hold off no longer.

That’s when they decided to level the area around the car, leaving it stranded among a huge collection of rubble.

Pictures show the white vehicle, which looks surprisingly pristine, on a cracked platform enveloped by broken stones.

No one is sure whether those using the location were told the work was going ahead but it is certain that, when the owner returns, he or she will be wondering how on earth they’re going to get their car out.


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