Cab driver gets kebabed

Police found a woman with an outstanding arrest warrant when she threw a pitta bread sandwich at a taxi driver in Colorado in a fit of anger.

Sarah Renee Lane, 28, was arrested after getting frustrated with the cabbie, who refused to let her take the food into his vehicle.

According to police reports, the taxi driver was splattered with yoghurt sauce in his beard and face and the pitta sandwich created a mess in the cab.

The cabbie decided not to press charges against Lane, but she was arrested for her failure to appear in court for a dog-at-large ticket.

Police in the UK were last month hunting for a woman in Cardiff who trashed a shop after it ran out of her favourite flavour of cupcake.

South Wales Police were appealing for help to track down the woman, who caused £400 worth of damage, after she threw cakes at other customers and attacked staff members in her sweet-treat rage.

Cake shop owner Sally Dodd told us the customer ‘went absolutely ballistic’ when she was told they did not have the popular ‘sweet tooth’ fairy cake at the time.

‘You expect a certain amount of risk running a bar or pub, but not in a cupcake shop,’ she added.


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