Bull semen worth $75,000 spills onto highway

It’s not often a huge load of steaming bull semen spills across a highway- but that’s exactly what happened when four vats fell from a bus and shut down an American interstate in Nashville,Tennessee.

The wayward canisters containing the cattle sperm were first reported to police at 5 a.m. after motorists driving on the downtown Nashville interstate caught a wiff of a foul odour wafting across their vehicles.

Once on the scene police closed down the off-ramp and called in the fire brigade who investigated the unmarked canisters which had liquid nitrogen vapour pouring out of them.

A Greyhound bus ticket found near the vats alerted emergency crews as to who was responsible for their transportation and it’s understood the bus carrying the canisters was totally unaware of its lost cargo.

Experts in cattle breeding and artificial insemination estimated that the four canisters were worth up to $75,000 AUD.

Once deemed to be safe the containers were placed to the side of the road where a Greyhound representative came and put them back on their journey to a breeding facility in Loredo, Texas.

The highway was eventually re-opened to motorists at 9 a.m. much to the amusement of local media outlets who were inundated with calls about the unusual spillage.


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