Boyfriend gets “treasure hunt break-up letter’

A break-up is not normally fun but one jilted lover tried to make a game of it after she caught her boyfriend talking to another woman.

Not much is known about the girl that dumped her other half except for what she wrote in a letter that was posted online.

Break up letter

After apparently catching him communicating with a woman named Kelsi on Facebook she decided to kick him to the kerb in the most creative of ways.

She said she had packed up his possessions and hidden them in several places as she felt he liked looking for things ‘like other women’.

All the locations the boyfriend’s belongings were at were connected to an event in the couple’s history.

‘Your clothes are where we first met,’ she wrote.

‘Your videogames are where we first kissed.’

She alluded his TV was where they first had sex and also said some of the objects were at the house of the girl he was talking to on Facebook.

In conclusion, she added: ‘Have fun! Oh, and while I didn’t break or damage anything, I can’t guarantee anybody else won’t find it! Happy hunting!’


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