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Both killers should be given the death penalty

The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger is squaring up for another battle with the legal system…in the month her son would have been 21.

Denise Fergus and her family marked James’s tragically short life with a simple champagne commemoration at his grave-side.

But then she will continue her fight to stop the early release of one of his killers, Jon Venables, from a two year sentence for child porn offences.

Denise said, “James’s birthday will be very difficult for all of us. Who knows where he might have been if he were still alive. He might have had his own family by now. I might have become a grandmother or he could have gone to university. I will never know.”

The legal battle has also forced Denise, 42, to relive the horror of the 1993 killing.

Two year old James was abducted from a Mersey side shopping centre (Liverpool, England) and brutally murdered by Venables and his evil pal, Robert Thompson, who were both aged ten.

They were both released with new identities in 2001, but Venables was jailed again last year.

She has submitted a searing victim impact statement to the Parole Board, which considers Venables release in the next week or so.

She outlined how the murder continues to have a devastating on her and her three other boys Michael, 17, Thomas, 13, and Leon, 12.

She said, “A day doesn’t go by when we don’t talk about him. It’s only when I look at my other boys growing up that I can imagine James getting older.”

But Denise was horrified to learn that Venables, 28, would be allowed to read the statement.

Denise said, “It was never meant for his evil murdering eyes. I don’t want him to have any idea about how he has affected my family, especially my children. Not only does he know what I look like, where I live and how many kids I’ve got, but he knows what I’m thinking.”

Denise is now planning to campaign for victims to be able to stop criminals seeing victim impact statements.

She has also launched a new charity. The James Bulger Memorial Trust, to support young victims of crime and reward well behaved children.

She added, “I made a promise to James when he died that I would fight for justice…and that’s something I will carry on doing.”

This is awful, and I can’t imagine what Denise Fergus is going through. I can’t really talk about it, it’s too upsetting. If you want to find out what those two deranged 10 year olds did, you can see a bit of footage of them coaxing little James out of a shopping centre. They had both planned this. And then they took him down to a train track…and what they did to him before they tied him up for a train to go over him is…just the worst thing…

Ten year olds who have a sick mind, more so than Manson, should never have been allowed out of jail. Bring the death penalty back…maybe that isn’t such a bad idea.

Yes, Iknow this is the other side of the world and it’s nowhere near us, but this sort of thing goes on over here too.

And if you don’t really want to take notice of this, then think again. There are rumours…very strong rumours, that Venables was living over here, in our beautiful country. Let’s face it, it’s a big enough place to get lost in some small country town. And these rumours, I must confess, are from a very high source in Australia. There’s also some evidence that he’s been to New Zealand and may be going back there.

That’s why we should support Denise…or anyone who wants to campaign to keep these sick fucks in jail or be given the death penalty.

Let’s face it…these people are probably going to do it again…and if you keep them in jail…it’s mine and your money that goes towards feeding them every day.

Just think about that every time a tried and convicted murderer or child molester gets put away…the sentence is nowhere near what I call justice.

by Sel Hurst

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  2. Denise Fergus is unbearable. She’s a spotlight hogging, vicious, vengeful, full-time professional victim who thinks that her victim status gives her a sacred right to determine the rest of Venables’ life (or to have it snuffed out) and makes her an authority on juvenile crime. It’s simply shocking that she’s never once been asked a single tough question by any journalist, ever, in 20 years. This is a woman who has openly advocated vigilante murder for both Venables and Thompson, but nobody calls her on it (with the exception of Charlotte Raven, who was denounced for doing so).

    Instead of ranting and raving for further punishment for Venables, Saint Denise should stop and consider for two fucking seconds whether her own unrelenting hate campaign, conducted via the tabloids, against him might have DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED to his psychological unravelling and involvement in child porn. For it doesn’t take any kind of genius to consider that without a clear sense of identity, we are paralyzed. If we cannot forge our own identities. we simply cannot function at all. A failure to create our own identity means we can only fall back on a kind of generic identity, an identity based entirely on what OTHER PEOPLE say about us. And for Venables, that could only mean one thing: the Depraved Monster image the tabloids have created for him.

    And what is the hallmark, the ultimate signifier of depravity in the first decade of the 21st century? An interest in child porn, of course. Pedophilia is our modern day “crimen exceptem,” the exceptional crime, the crime of crimes, in which all normal feelings of rationality go out the window. Pedophilia is synonymous with depravity, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a mentally ill, seriously damaged young man – a pariah, a despised outcast – in the wake of his failure to create a solid identity for himself, simply lapse and collapse back into the PRE-FABRICATED identity created by the tabloids with the enthusiastic, and neverending, assistance of the vengeful Denise Fergus. This is, I suspect, the REAL cause of Venables’ downloading of child porn. Not interest in fucking children per se, but a subconscious need to finally “merge” his real self with the fictive self created by the gutter press.

    Another way to put this is: Denise Fergus has NOT been vindicated by Venables’ reoffending and re-incarceration. Quite the contrary, in fact. This isn’t simply a case of the pot calling the kettle black, this is the stove calling the kettle black. It is the very same tabloids who are now gloating who are the main CAUSE of Venables’ involvement in the sordid realm of child porn to begin with!! No hate campaign, no vendetta, no portrayal of him as the ultimate Depraved Monster – no child pornography involvement either. These tabloids help to CREATE the very dysfunctional behaviour they then expend endless amounts of energy denouncing and excoriating. THEY – and the insufferable Mrs. Fergus – are every bit as much to blame for Venables’ psychological collapse as Venables himself.

  3. Virgil, you must be some sort of cunt !!!!
    These killers, whoever fucked up their lives were as children have had their help and continue to get help and have actually got a life they can live. Can I remind you that James Bulger has NOT !!!
    These 2 fuckers don’t deserve to be breathing at all. I don’t care if they were juveniles when they did the crime, They don’t deserve to be living, AND NEITHER, MY DEAREST VIRGIL, DO YOU !!!

  4. Ooh, does that make you feel like a tough guy MAC? What a surprise that another Denise Fergus sycophant turns out to be a shrill, drooling hysteric who can’t think his way out of a paper bag. You cannot think at all, you lack all critical thinking skills whatsoever, you can only rant and rave and wallow in sick vengefulness. You’re the one who needs help.

    By the way, I have found hundreds of postings from various people online who dislike or detest Saint Denise and disagree with her positions. There’s no law saying everyone must bow down before Lady Fergus. The media treatment of this woman is laughable: nowadays every word out of her mouth is treated like it comes from some higher deity all must worship.

    I will reiterate: the real cause of Venables’ reoffending is likely to have been Denise Fergus’ own hate campaign via the tabloids. If Venables is not actually a pedophile, then Fergus has not at all been vindicated or confirmed in her beliefs: this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, it’s the stove calling the kettle black. And by the way, convicting somebody for looking at child porn is basically a thought crime, which puts it on tenous legal grounding. These laws probably won’t last in the long term, because there’s a qualitative difference between looking at an image and producing it (though even there it would still be possible to convict someone for molestation or rape of a child even if child porn laws of any sort didn’t exist: they aren’t even necessary in order to catch and convict child molesters).

  5. My dearest, dearest Virgil, Please stop trying to make yourself sound like an intellectual. You know, you really mustn’t judge a post by it’s upper case quotes.

    This is nothing to do with vengefulness. It;s to do with what one human can do to another. You are correct, and it is a fact that the media makes Denise Fergus into a person that she probably isn’t. But if you honestly think that Venables re-offending is due to Denise Fergus hate campaign, then you really need to be sectioned, my friend.

    Are you telling me that Denise Fergus isn’t allowed to hate the killers of her child?

    Let me remind you – Venables and Thompson killed her child, and what they did to Jamie Bulger is unthinkable – not what children of theur age should be thinking and performing.

    And please, my dearest, dearest Virgil, stop going on about child porn. The more you go on about child-porn, the more you seem to be trying to justify it.

    If you really want to start blaming somebody (at the moment, all you seem to be doing is defending Venables – perhaps Virgil is Venables – maybe you are he), why don’t you start to look at Venables and Thompson’s parents. Do you know about them? Do you know how fucked the mother was? If you are Venables, which I suspect you might be, then you’ll know all about the mother.

    If Venables and Thompson were brought up with values and maybe, just a bit of love, and ,maybe, just a bit of a point in the right direction, they would not have performed those terrible crimes.

    Virgil, it’s about time you stopped defending Venables, it’s about time you stopped trying to justify child-porn – and it’s about time you put yourself in the shoes of family members of Jamie Bulger, and maybe you can start to think what it might have been like for the past 21 years for Denise Bulger.

    I do hope you reply to this, but do me AND yourself a favour, and think about how you are coming across when you start ranting about Denise Fergus. I don’t care what you think of her, I don’t care what the world thinks of her – I don’t even care about it. But I do hate jumped up little pricks like you Venab….er sorry, Virgil start trying to bring someone down who is already at rock bottom.

    Remember – she’s allowed to feel hate, she’s allowed to tell the world that she hates – what would you feel V?

  6. “My dearest, dearest Virgil, Please stop trying to make yourself sound like an intellectual.”

    I don’t need to make myself sound like one. I am one in comparison to you – but then, even a drooling ape would be one in comparison to you.

    “This is nothing to do with vengefulness.”

    It has everything to do with vengefulness – as well as the disgusting pandering by all journalists towards this woman, who basically is a professional victim now – the tabloids pay her salary. I see her son has started joining in recently with his own tabloid interviews: nice to see the next generation learning the ropes of the family business. At this rate, we can expect 40th and 50th anniversaries of James’ death to be marked by fresh rounds of interviews with the whole family. How long till Saint Denise has grandkids who can then deliver their own set of fresh rants?

    Here’s hoping the Fergus family trade never dies out.

    “If you are Venables, which I suspect you might be, then you’ll know all about the mother.”

    If you seriously think I’m Venables, you must be even stupider than I initially took you for.

    “If Venables and Thompson were brought up with values and maybe, just a bit of love, and ,maybe, just a bit of a point in the right direction, they would not have performed those terrible crimes.”

    Wow, what a brain wave! Give this person a MENSA membership! We’re all quite aware of how horrible Venables’ and Thompson’s family backgrounds were. It’s actually Lady Fergus who denies that and tries to shut anyone up who points out the role of the home environment. She feels they’re just a pair of devil children and any raising of the issue of their formative environment is somehow tantamount to an insult to James’ memory. Drawing attention to their dysfunctional families might elicit sympathy for them, you see, and Lady Fergus is bound and determined to prevent that happening. She’s striven vigorously to shut that avenue of inquiry down, because the moment the public looks too deeply into that corner, they’re going to start feeling some sympathy and pity for JV and RT. Saint Denise, of course, will only be happy if they remain the most hated men in Britain for the rest of their lives.

    “Remember – she’s allowed to feel hate, she’s allowed to tell the world that she hates – what would you feel V?”

    Yes, she is – and likewise, if that “hate” leads her to spread lies and untruths in almost every interview she gives, then those of us who know that what she’s saying is a blatant lie have every right to point this out.

    Furthermore, if what she is demanding is completely unreasonable from a legal standpoint, then we are also perfectly entitled to point that out.

    “I do hope you reply to this, but do me AND yourself a favour, and think about how you are coming across when you start ranting about Denise Fergus.”

    Actually, I’ve received a great deal of positive feedback for what I’ve written about this woman online. Obviously, a lot of people must be fed up with 20 years of media sycophancy towards Lady Fergus and are quite happy to see her challenged. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have received as much support as I have.

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