Blow-up doll prank gets teen arrested

A mischievous high school student who was arrested after he left an inflatable sex doll in the girls bathroom and sparked a bomb scare says authorities are ‘blowing’ the incident out of proportion.

Rushville High School senior Tyell Morton could face up to eight years in jail after he was caught by security camera’s walking into the girls bathroom with a package and then exiting without it.

Suspicious to staff watching Morton, who was dressed in a black hooded jumper, feared the worse and immediately called the Indiana bomb squad who responded and found the blow up doll lying on the floor.

Unfortunately the ‘joke’ backfired on the normally well behaved Morton and he was hauled before a judge and charged with felony criminal mischief.

As he was being lead away from the court Morton, dressed in black and white prison attire pleaded his innocence and disbelief at what was happening.

‘It was just a senior prank, you know. I mean they’re blowing it out of proportion,’ a handcuffed Morton told a TV reporter.

‘I didn’t hurt anybody, I didn’t intend to embarrass anybody. What did I do wrong, you know?’

Morton’s school have banned him from entering its grounds and is expected to miss his graduation because of the ordeal.

While the jury is still out on whether the punishment fits the crime, Rush County Prosecutor Phil Caviness had no sympathy for the teen because the ‘post-Columbine world’ has created a zero tolerance stance in the community.


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