Best man got stuck having sex with bride

There were kinky goings-on in Varazdin, Croatia this week, where doctors had to be called to separate the Bride and Best Man after they were caught having sex in the toilets during the wedding! According to witnesses, a friend of the groom discovered the unfaithful pair when he walked in on them and found them in a ‘very compromising position’. To make matters worse, the shock of being caught in the act caused the young woman to undergo an intense muscle spasm, effectively locking the couple together tighter than a fish’s arsehole.

The horrified groom soon witnessed the shocking scene for himself, but as a parade of wedding guests filed into the room the bride’s muscles clenched even tighter preventing any possible escape attempts.

A difference of opinion as to how to free the couple soon developed among the wedding guests. The groom’s suggestion of cutting his best man free with “a rusty carving knife” was immediately rejected by the horrified man’s family. As was his suggestion of “kicking the pair to freedom.”

Eventually, the couple were transported, still joined at the waist, on a stretcher, to the local hospital where the bride was given a muscle relaxant which finally allowed the best man to get free from the hoe’s hole.

The groom immediately handed his “bride” her panties and announced, “Here! These are to keep your ankles warm”, before throwing her out onto the street to the cheers of his family.

Surprisingly enough, the wedding party actually went ahead as planned after the groom announced to his guests that the celebrations would now mark his divorce rather than his wedding!

During the Champagne toast the groom joked, “My best friend has run off with my wife. God, I miss him already!”


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