Beer spill in Munich causes traffic chaos

Thousands of beer bottles en-route to pubs and bars in Munich have slipped off a lorry, smashing across a busy road and holding up traffic for hours.

It was torture for beer-lovers watching on as firefighters washed the booze down the drains as they cleared the shattered glass.

The big spill brought road chaos to the German city, blocking the centre for several hours.

One firefighter explained: ‘You always get a few who want to sneak a bottle or two from a crash but there’s broken glass everywhere and it’s really very dangerous because the rest of the load could fall at any time.

‘You might love a beer but you wouldn’t want to be be buried under a landslide of it.’

It’s not the first time that so much beer has gone to waste.

In 2005, a truck swerved and toppled over, spilling up to 2,184 crates of Grolsch beer on the Mississauga highway in Ontario, Canada.


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