Beach Of The Dead event cancelled

Zombie fans across the country have been left disappointed after the annual Beach Of The Dead event was cancelled because of fears over health and safety.

Beach of the dead

The walking dead impersonators will not be descending on Brighton, England this year because the budget isn’t enough to handle the thousands of visitors that would have potentially showed up.

‘It just costs too much and takes up too much time. Last year it all went way over the £2,000 (AU$ 3,400) budget,’ Event organiser Kate Amer said.

‘We just didn’t expect the sheer amount of people that turned up. It was ridiculous.

‘We have had to go back to the drawing board because otherwise it would be too unsafe.’

More than 6,000 people, who wore scary costumes, took part last year and will undoubtedly be disappointed at the cancelled march.

Luckily for them they’ll get another chance to don their zombie costumes on October 26 after a new undead event was set up in the area.


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