At least Julia Gillard wore a hat to the Royal Wedding…unlike the British Prime Minister’s wife

Julia Gillard was at the wedding and shook hands with Royalty.

I know she’s messing our beautiful country up, but she did us proud.

The Royal Wedding invitations specifically asked all ladies to wear a hat…something that we’d all do, if we were invited to one’s Royal Wedding. But British Prime Minister David Cameron looked more than a little embarrassed. His wife Samantha refused to wear a hat…and she was the only one.

Not only that, but she looked like she’s only been to bed for a couple of hours after being dragged around the Monopoly board on a pub crawl.

OK…OK…I’m being a bit harsh but some people have to make an effort to look good, whereas others don’t. I know which group Samantha Cameron belongs to.

When you’re a dalek come robot, come droid, like Julia Gillard, it’s easy to scrub up well. She’s not going to ever look beautiful, but give her a good oiling, a good polish, and she’ll look absolutely sparkling…like she did at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Brits don’t half love their Royal Family. With all the strange goings on in the Monarchy, they’re sometimes more like the Adams Family. But seriously, it was a good day, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting along with one another. Which I suppose is what life should be about from time to time.

The local suicide bomber even kept away…which was most decent, I must say.

I suppose there’ll be betting on when the couple get divorced…you know what the British media is like. But I do hope it lasts. Prince William looks as if he actually loves her. Him and Prince Harry, once they arrived at Westminster Abbey, they were telling people how wonderful they looked, Harry was informing William of every move that the ‘bride to be’ was making, and they even managed to have a few private jokes.

In the strange world that the Royals live in, they both do seem abnormally normal.

When they exchanged vows, you could hear the millions that lined the streets cheer. Every Pom that I speak to…ones that live here, and ones that live in the Motherland…they all seem to be uninterested in the Monarchy…well, that’s what they say. But I bet they all watched a bit of the wedding yesterday.

Britain is a sinking ship and it has major, major problems, so they should have a moment to feel proud to be British, because it is only a moment…so let them cheer…for now.

Then it’ll make it all that more sweeter, when we can wipe that smile off of their faces when we win the next Ashes series.

by Sel Hurst


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