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Americans need oral lessons

American teens are unaware of the dangers of oral sex, widely seen as a safer option to having sex.

American teens have no idea when it comes to oral sex, that do not realise that you can still get STD’s such as Chlamydia and HPV(human papillomaviruses).

HPV has overtaken tobacco as the leading cause of oral cancer in America, from 1974 to 2007 there has been a 225% increase in oral cancer due to STD’s. This figure is mainly increased in white young males and this is probably a direct correlation to the 225% increase in smiles in young female Americans.

Studies have shown that if you perform oral sex on six or more partners the risk of contracting an oral STD increases eight fold compared to people that have six or less oral sex partners in the lifetime.

Scientists are unable to explain this phenomenon, but in my expert opinion those people that have less than six partners are going to frigid little wimps. But those with six or more sexual partners are more normal, which means they are more likely to take the ugly town bike home at the end of a boozy nite and therefore cannot resist burying their boozed filled head between some easily opened legs.

What this study shows is to all those American teens is to not only wear a condom on your old fella but also put a plastic bag over your head as a full face condom.

by Harry Harper

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