Aldi quits life-time habit of smoking…he’s 2 years old

A young bloke hooked on cigarettes has finally kicked the habit – after going into rehab at the age of TWO.

The little boy, whose name is Aldi Rizal, would would go absolutely crazy if he wasn’t given 40 cigarettes a day. He was sent for therapy by child protection officials.

After three months of intensive treatment he has managed to beat his cravings and is playing normally for the first time.

This treatment that the 2 year old has been given is play therapy, to keep his mind occupied.

You may be thinking, as I did, that this was a unique case. In Indonesia, (where this case is) the usual age for young smokers that go to rehab is between 5 and 9, but this year has seen more smokers be brought into rehab who are under 1 year of age.

It was discovered at the therapy centre that this little boy was totally addicted. After he was had his last cigarette, he became uncontrolable, started crying and then began to beat his head against the wall and floor.

This all came to light in May, of  how yound Aldi  started smoking at 11 months when his fishmonger dad Mohammed gave him a cigarette to ease a headache.

He was shown blowing smoke rings on his toy truck and that apparently was what made him like it.

His mother was also taken into rehab for psychological treatment.

Aldi and his mother have should have just arrived back to their home village. The agency that’s been looking after his care will hand the responsibility back to the government of Aldi’s home area, whose job it will be to make sure Aldi is properly cared for in future, and that he doesn’t resume smoking.

The boys parents have been given tools by the doctors at the rehab centre to manage Aldi and his addiction, and to stop him smoking again.

Aldi also has a thick layer around his heart because he is obese. His heart has to work harder, and this is NOT from the smoking, which doctors say hasn’t affected his health – yet.

His parents, of Sekayu, Indonesia, only sought help because they could not afford his two packs a day habit. Mum Diana, 26, said yesterday: “The money can now go on other things.” Yeah, like cocaine and heroin, when he’s old enough on his 3rd birthday.

So. regardless of the smoking, he’s probably on 10 Big Macs a day, as well.

This whole story is absolutely ridiculous, I mean, I know Indonesia has a different way of life to us here in Oz but as a parent, you must know that giving your 11 month old baby a cigarette is not going to be turn out good.

The best thing is for boths parents to be castrated, to stop them having any more children and then a long prison sentence that might, hopefully, deter any other abusive parents from doing the same thing.

by Sel Hurst


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