Woman pleads guilty to having sex with a dog

Disgusting Jennifer Louise Driscoll has pleaded guilty to bestiality after having sex with a dog.

Judge Terry Martin at Brisbane District Court said that this woman’s acts were ‘repulsive and goes against the order of nature’.


Defence lawyer said that Driscoll had been publicly shamed and had sex with the dog (believed to be a Pit Bull Terrier) at the request of her partner.

Driscoll was remanded in custody, who also admitted to stabbing someone with a fork, biting a child and trafficking cannabis.

This recent court appearance is a follow up from October 2014 after the police had uncovered a video of Driscoll performing the obscene act.


When dogs are not looked after by their owners, they often do something like, bite someone…simply because they haven’t been trained at all. The dog is then usually put down – this disgusting woman, Jennifer Driscoll, should also be put down.

Jenny Driscoll actually scrubbed up quite well for her court appearance. But it doesn’t take away what she is, who she is, and what she has done…and what she will probably continue to do unless she is given a proper conviction worthy of her crimes.


A well as being a despicable person, she is obviously a leach on society – this could be partly the fault of society itself. But if the correct laws were brought in, then society wouldn’t be the in the mess that it finds itself.

If their were tougher laws. there would be less people breaking the law, and the ones that break the law would be locked away or culled – not forgetting, creating more jobs for people within the justice/prison/law sector.

This story just makes me sick – Driscoll is not human – she deserves to either be locked away forever, or terminated.

by Sel Hurst


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