Wipe your ass with the Pope

A hygiene company in Spain has produced special ‘Pope Benedict toilet paper’ for his much anticipated visit to Madrid for World Youth Day celebrations – although the honour has not exactly been well received at the Vatican…

Manufacturers Ronova released the limited edition loo paper in a bid to cash in on one million young pilgrims expected to travel to Spain for the event.

The gold and crisp white colours come in packs of two and have an ‘I love the Pope’ logo across its packaging.

Special incense used in Catholic churches to ward off evil spirits has also been included to give them that ‘ultra-freshness’ ‘El Papa’ seemingly craves.

Vatican officials are understood to be concerned about the rolls, with some critics calling the ‘sacred’ tissue disrespectful.

However, Ronova have stressed they should be used by people who line the streets to welcome Pope Benedict as his motorcade passes – rather than for bottom-wiping.

A spokesperson for the company said: ‘Is there any better way to liven up the streets than using these large toilet paper streamers with the Vaticanis colour-scheme?

‘We urge people – open your windows to celebrate! Welcome Pope Benedict.’

Their ‘Benedict bog-roll’ isn’t the first foray into colourful ply for the company, either.

An all-black range of tissue was introduced in 2005 for the style-conscious poo room connoisseur, whose darker bathroom decor doesn’t go with the traditional bright white.


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