Why is the Prime Minister losing our trust?

It seems the polls are predicting a very large swing against the government.

Could it be a few strange decisions of late…carbon tax and boat people.

Perhaps I could help out with a few ideas of my own. Instead of sending boat people to Malaysia and Thailand, we should approach people without a country of their own. An example would be sending all the boat people at present held in Australia, Easter Island and everywhere else and exchanging them for 200, 000 Palestinians. Another swap would be for Armenians, Aztecs and Incas.

It should be possible, given a fair exchange rate to deport boat people for years to come. Once these new immigrants have been accepted they will have to be settled in the parts of the country most like their previous living areas. We have large desert areas for Arab types…and mountainous regions for  indigenous South American types. Cold and snowy climates and also hot and sunny beachside resorts…a bit like the Red Sea. We draw the line on nomadic tent dwellers, they will have to drive around towing caravans like the rest of our seniors.

Julie Gillard has hit on a novel new way of dealing with boat people. Now we do exchange deals with countries all over the world. The exchange rate differs with every nationality. One Norwegian equals two Japanese, one Nepalese or two Tibetans equals three Americans.

Australia will lead the world in cross genetic population madness. The poll shows for once that Australians have more common sense than any politician, of course the PM will lose our trust, how can she even suggest such a foolhardy scheme. The rest of the world all of whom are desperately seeking a solution to the refugee crisis, will look on in sheer disbelief.

Do you think Tony Abbott will put up a better idea? His answer should see the poll change or crash depending on his views…I expect a crash…his ideas are usually hazy.

I am thinking of changing the wife up for three Irish cooks and a French maid…no two Swedish blondes and an Italian cook…no  a Turkish belly dancer and a Chinese dentist…no…ten bunny girls and an Austrian restaurant owner…French Tour De France woman cyclist and a physiotherapist.

I have definitely decided I need a psychiatrist dressed in a nurses uniform.

I think I need help, what would your best exchange be?

by TOG


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