Who cares if asylum seekers go on hunger strike

That’s right. Who cares if asylum seekers go on a hunger strike…do you? Do you, really?

Well, I can quite honestly say that I couldn’t give a rats arse if they go on a hunger strike, or if they don’t.

There are about 160 asylum seekers going on a hunger strike in Sydney because an Iraqi detainee committed suicide.

I’ve got nothing against asylum seekers. But if they don’t want to eat, then so what. It’s their choice as human beings to do what ever they want to their bodies.

Of course, it’s very sad that somebody becomes so desperate with the way life is that they choose to end their life. But the same goes for the detainee who committed suicide…it was their choice.

The trouble lies in our constant pampering anyone who’s not Australian, for fear of being called a racist, or it’s discovered that you’re not as politically correct as you should be.

These people do need help and I’m glad we’re helping them. But please don’t pamper to them. Remember…Australia is doing them a favour…if they don’t like it, they can always go back to their medieval countries and sit around for a couple of centuries while they wait for the wheel to be invented.

If I want to eat 27 cheeseburgers everyday, I don’t think the government would stop me because I will probably end up killing myself.

But what if I’m eating lots of cheeseburgers everyday in a protest?

There’s a new movement on the rise, I can feel it.

Cheeseburgers Against Paedophiles – CAP, for short.

I’m protesting that I want mine and other children safe from flithy paedophiles that live in our communities, I’m protesting because I want every filthy paedophile put to death by humanely, or inhumanely, so we are rid of them in our country completely. And if Julia Gillard doesn’t do this then I’m going to eat cheeseburgers until I die!

Do you think that the government would comply to my requests?

That’s right, of course they wouldn’t. So it really pisses me off…not for the asylum seekers going on a hunger strike protest, but because our government will care because the world is watching. Because, let’s face it, Julia Gillard doesn’t really care, she just needs to be seen that she cares about everything. And, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the dalek voice doesn’t help her sound any more genuine than she probably already isn’t.

So what are we going to do?

If the government does what the asylum seekers want, then I’m getting myself down to McDonalds. And I’m going camp out side and eat burger after burger after burger…until the paedophile laws in this country are changed.

Anybody care to join me?

by Sel Hurst


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