Who are you really voting for?

So…here it is. In just a short while Australians will be waking up and voting for the next Prime Minister. But who are you going to vote for, and is your vote going where you want it to?

These sound like very daft questions and in a sane world, these are, very daft questions.

Tomorrow, some will be voting for the first time, and some will be voting for the last time. There will be party representatives outside the polling stations telling you their preferences of what order you vote, so if they don’t (and won’t) get into power, where your vote will more than likely end up.

Most young-uns don’t really know what’s affecting them, yet. Maybe apart from the young mine workers who will get taxed way to much if Labor stay in, and the old-uns who may also not know what the hell is going on. I don’t mean to sound rude, and really don’t want to come across as rude to our older generation, but the media is such a fast moving beast now-a-days. The world is such a fast moving place now-a-days.

What happened to door knocking? This may not only be me but I hate the door knockers, these volunteers who pretend to know what’s going on. A bit like the staff that sell mobile phones who give you all the bulltish and actually know nothing about the network…I mean who employs these people?

I digress…but the point is, folk don’t always get a clear picture from watching the TV, and the political parties won’t invest any time in training younger people so they don’t stuff it up on the doorstep.

I know this is the age of media hype, but all of a sudden, there are voters out there who will vote different every 4 years. In days gone by the family politician, the community politician would stop and have a chat at your house, so your Dad would tell you that he a good bloke, and because he’s been in your house and said hello, that’s the person you’re going to vote for. And the politician didn’t even have to talk about politics because your Dad trusts him and they talk about how work is, you know, normal working class things.

It’s media driven and hey, what a great way to do business…it’s the best, really it is. With communication as good as it is, with the quality of communication as good as it is, you cannot really go wrong. It is the way forward whether yo like it or not.

There are still some folk who don’t know what this “modern media” world is all about, and because when watching these politicians on the TV, it’s hard to trust them when staring at a square box. They’re from a world where, “word of mouth” is the highest technology, the best media vehicle.

Their vote may not be a true one because they trust no one any more.

“If you can’t look me in the eye and tell me…”, and of course when you’re on the TV, it’s not always possible to look all the voters at home in the eye.

The world has changed so much in the time of our older generation.

So you get to the polling station and I ask again, where is your vote going? When Tim Cahill scores the winning goal, when Matthew Pavlich kicks the winning goal, when Mark Webber, Casey Stoner finish 1st past the post, that pretty much mean that you’ve won the game/race. In voting this is not the case, AND IT SHOULD BE.

The National Party are giving their votes to the Liberals and the Greens are giving theirs to Labor. What if I don’t want Labor or the Liberals in power. And all of the other minor paries will no doubt be trying to show you their preferences of who they want you to vote for.

It’s a ludicrous system. It is. It should be the politician with the most votes wins! It means that, for instance, the Liberals could have more votes than Labor, but if the Greens have a significant amount more than the Nationals, Labor will win the seat/vote.

I f you’re hiring someone for a job, do you pick the person who is not dressed exactly as you’d like them but can do the job, or a well turned out person who will bulltish their way through the company with not an ounce of common sense…but they look great and they’re always smiling. who would you really choose?

In the photo for the greens attempt to gain votes, they’ve got “the lettuce girls”. Are they taking the piss. Let’s show a couple of bubbly goodlooking girls and then you’ll vote for us…honestly can preople not see how desperate and shit it all is. It’s not just the Greens, it’s the whole lot of them.

But just ask yourself the question, “who exactly are you voting for?” Use the media to your advantage, don’t let a smooth talker get you on the TV, look at their web-page and see what they are going to do. I mean, Hitler was one of the great political talkers of all time. He was also won of the worst men to have ever walked the earth, but he NEVER addressed the cameras…he addressed THE PEOPLE. But,  apart from being a a murderer of millions, was the first media driven political machine. We now call it propagana, but the Hitler team were just selling themselves in the best way they could. Adolf Hitler was a passionate speaker and evry photogenic…did that mean he was the man for the job? Telivision, radio and film was such a modern way to get to the masses. It’s the same as what happens today.

Please, you must ask yourselves who you are voting for, without being sceptical. Because all we want to know is the truth.

It’s no wonder nobody trusts a bloody politician.

by Sel Hurst


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