Where will our carbon tax money go?

How wonderful to see the pollies have decided a special  department should look into alternative types of energy and fuels…AND IT WILL ONLY COST…3 BILLION DOLLARS ! 

I wondered where the carbon tax money was going. Another reason to vote Green and keep our popular government in power.

With enough sun to power solar energy in  Australia , I have to ask where is the rest of the 2.99.billion dollars going.  Maybe the army of  WA could buy some extra bullets to protect the mines…that is if they don’t close down because of the taxes. 

Just between you and me…do you think the scientists have done something to our weather, or is it that power station in Japan ?

Is it because they put the bills up that the weather turns colder ?

Oh, I’m off to bed…its the only place to keep warm. Don’t even mention the television programmes…I’m sending the set back until a decent programme comes on !

by MOG


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