Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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What is happening today?

Is it only me, or do you imagine the world has become a little strange of late. 

The Middle East is in turmoil with uprisings against brutal regimes. Islamic governments are pushing the boundaries, for example in Egypt, Christian churches are attacked.

Yet only days ago both Christians and Muslims were standing side by side in protest against the government.

There has been a fierce recession.

Strange, but add to that cyclones, tornados, flooding, bush fires, earthquakes, tsunamis’ and drought. Oh, and nuclear meltdowns.

Do you think some higher power is trying to warn us of approaching doom?

What could be the reason for such warnings?

In the olden days the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of sodomy. Noah was called upon to build an ark because the people had gone mad with vices. Have we descended into a state of not compliance with the laws of long ago?

The media promotes gay marriages…so also the politicians. Same sex adoptions would seem to be acceptable to a high percentage of the population. Both Christian and Muslim religions forbid gay marriages.

So am I a homophobe if I disagree with marriages and adoptions for gay people?

Well I am not, and never have been a homophobe. What gays do at home or in their own communities is their own business. However, when the media and politicians promote to us gay marriage and adoptions, and claim the majority of Aussies support them…then look out…doom is on its way. 

After being wrong five times perhaps the Jehovah Witnesses could be right and Armageddon is at hand…nah…wrong again…they have a history of getting it wrong.

I deliberately did not refer to the quake in New Zealand, and the tsunami in Japan.

They have the sympathy and love of everyone here in Australia and the opinions I have expressed in no way detract from our total support for the people and those who are so terribly effected by these natural disasters.

We have nothing but total gratitude for all the wonderful help provided by so many Aussies. Our expertise and professionalism in giving assistance, prove we have the right attitude in looking after our neighbours.

God bless you all.


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