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What Are Australia’s Best Casinos?

Australia has a rich history of football, horse racing, rugby, and the Australian golf tour. This has made gambling a popular activity as it helps people follow their favourite teams and even place bets.

Casinos offer a rich lifestyle to natives and visitors of Australia. The colourful traditions of casinos, like hotels, sex shops, concerts, and gambling, make it one of the top activities for people visiting major cities.

History Of Australia’s Casinos

Gambling has evolved over the years in Australia. In the 19th century, Asian and European settlers influenced betting, with the major sports being horse racing and card games. The government then established national lotteries to boost revenue, which further popularised the establishment of casinos.

Casinos are known to be established in cities with a high population to increase their revenue. Some people can’t access these buildings regularly. However, with advanced technology, online casinos are a great alternative to the on-land versions. For a country like Australia though, the on-land casinos are very popular.

Best Casinos In Australia

The government has set up regulations prohibiting companies based in Australia from offering online casino gaming and poker to its citizens. This, however, doesn’t limit casino gaming as there are several casinos based in Australia.

The top casinos in Australia include the following:

1. Crown Casino Melbourne

The Crown Casino sits in over 500,000 square metres of gaming space, restaurants, luxurious hotels, and a live entertainment centre. This vast area makes the casino the largest in the country and among the biggest in the world.

The casino is among Australia’s biggest tourist attractions due to its variety of casino games, such as pokies of which it’s famous for. A resident of Australia or any tourist who seeks to tour Australia post the pandemic should consider visiting Crown Casino to experience a global culture mix.

2. The Star Casino

The Star is the heart of Sydney’s casino gaming. It has a world-class complex featuring restaurants, a hotel, and a live entertainment centre. Classic games like blackjack, poker, and roulette are available. It also offers stakes for low, high, and VIP players.

The casino offers a mixture of lifestyle, fantastic food, nightclubs, and spas. The Star should be on the list for tourists who visit the region and want to experience Sydney’s vast culture. Its location, close to the Darling Harbour, adds the beautiful scenic view of Australia’s landscape, which should be one of the reasons you should visit the casino.

3. Country Club Casino

The Country Club is located some minutes off Launceston. It offers visitors a mixture of hotel culture, gambling, and golf. Apart from gambling, you can also participate in other recreational activities like horse riding and drinking in one of their top bars.

The casino is a signature feature in Tasmania island. When touring the area, making a stop in the gaming complex is a good way of accessing the Northern Tasmanian attractions and culture. The two separate gaming floors offer players a chance to participate in classic gambles like Blackjack, Roulette, and sports betting.

4. Crown Perth Casino

In Perth, the Crown Casino’s extensive complex and a hive of activities have led to it being dubbed a city within a city. The casino has golf courses, concert halls, restaurants, luxurious hotels, and an ever-busy casino.

The casino also has beautiful bike tracks and golf courses. Visitors who want to have an outdoor experience can also ride their bikes along this track or playing golf in the 18-hole course. The variety offered in this complex makes Western Australia’s biggest casino and a must-visit for players.

5. Mindil Beach Casino

The Mindil Beach Casino is set in over 30 acres of tropical land beside a beach. The casino has over four restaurants and bars, a 5-star hotel, spas, gaming tables, and electronic games. It also has a VIP gaming suite.

For tourists visiting Mindil Beach, the casino complex offers you a chance to enjoy luxurious accommodation, a view of the Arafura Sea, and food from Mindil’s beach-only 5-star restaurant. When visiting the beach for a vacation, the casino should be one of the top places to visit and gamble.


Whether you’re planning to visit Australia or you’re a resident, these top casinos should be added to your list of places you need to check in. They offer a variety of experiences and cultures from around the world. For people who don’t gamble, you can still enjoy the services offered.

When visiting the complexes, you should ensure that you adhere to Australia’s gambling and casino regulations. Due to the recent pandemic, you can also check for any updates on the casino’s website regarding Covid-19 regulations.

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