Trump – a Bull in a China shop

Donald Trump it seems has no diplomacy on switch.

He’s a business man, surely he has another mode aside from the ‘Bull in a China shop’, which he manages to adopt for most of his breathing day.

Why would the President of the United States of America be provoking other countries with his claim that ‘China steel US Navy drones in international waters’?

He may be right – but wrong or right, there are ways of addressing the situation.

Trump, as mentioned before on Ozzie News, may turn out to be better than expected…we don’t know…but this is just sheer stupidity.

International leaders react in different ways – there are cultural differences, not to mention some very sensitive politicians out there.

Donald Trump is already implementing the taxing of Chinese manufactured goods sold in America…and now this? – the man has to be reigned in.

Everyone says he shouldn’t be President. Well, I’ve got news for you. He was voted in as a majority (almost unanimously) winner – so no, everyone does NOT think Trump shouldn’t be President – which all of a sudden becomes a more and more frightening prospect.

The American Dream, where everyone can access a gun. We all know that America is, obviously, full of Americans, who are all over religous-ized, over gun-toting-ized, and over-sized.

Yes folks, America is full of people who are generally intolerant…intolerant with fire-arms.

If he upsets too many people, he will either start a war or be shot by his own people who he leads.

Donald Trump is frighteningly pushing China’s buttons for a reaction – let’s hope he doesn’t one day push the ‘wrong button’, and in the mean time, let’s hope that China doesn’t react.

by Sel Hurst


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