Tremors of a different kind being felt in Christchurch

Things are looking up in Christchurch in more ways than one business is getting back on its feet, with the sex industry leading the way.

Many prostitutes in the area at the time of the quake were knock off their feet and haven’t got back on them since. Opting to lay on there on their backs and rake in the doe. One of the lovely ladies of the night, saying that she made $1400 on her best night since the quake.

Australia is doing their part to help with the recovery and rebuilding of Christchurch with two NSW police officers reportedly going to give there donation to a local sex worker. All the workers are getting in while they with the Aus dollar so strong they get more bang for their buck than if they were back at home.

Its give new meaning to the relief effort, but it’s always good to see that Australia is doing its part to help out in these times of need.

by Harry Harper


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