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An election will be fought out this September and issues of importance should be discussed over the coming months.

Are either Tony and Julia capable of giving Australia a futureDo you consider personal and private revelations are important? Do you consider back stabbing and leadership challenges are the order of the day? Of course it would be helpful if either party could establish a leader of the major parties. Are we satisfied with Tony or Julia…or do you think they should change the leaders?

If so, do it soon don’t wait until August or September to mount a challenge. Policy decisions must be clearly presented. Don’t tell us what you have achieved…tell us what you are going to do, and actually do it.

In the long term, my concern is for the future prosperity of Australia. If fiscal decisions are not taken immediately this year, we could see a real decline in our growth and the success of our largest businesses damaged.

Referring to the dollar – it is at least 20% over the acceptable comparison rate with other currencies. If it isn’t reduced, we will be unable to compete in both buying and selling our goods. This must be a government decision to tackle the dollar and resist concentration on the lending rates.

Action is necessary for us to expand and should be a major factor for both parties to resolve and present to the voters before the election.

Bragging about our success during the world recession isn’t going to save us from disaster in the future.  Both parties should tell us how they will manage the Australian dollar.

Security in our homes, policing and the correct punishment of criminals are a priority.

It’s time to look at what we need here in our own country.

Boat people and foreign investors taking over our mineral wealth are good topics for electors to concentrate upon. It’s time for all parties to prove they have leadership qualities.

Gun control in the USA, still nothing done and now even more killings.

The weather here has been strange with new records for heat temperatures and rain-fall. But it seems

the weather is also most unusual all over the world. Lately snow in the Middle-East, in Jordan and Pakistan .Flooding in Iran, Europe covered in snow and the USA blanketed and travel disrupted.

What is going on today with strange happenings an everyday occurrence? We‘ve got Israel air attacks on Syria threatening world peace, Iran stepping up nuclear activity and North Korea testing bombs.

British pollies vote two to one for gay marriages, China and Japan quarrel over parts of the ocean.

This week we see more killing in Syria, women and children are suffering and dying. France sends troops into Mali and stops the conflict. Why did they pick out Mali and not Syria?

Explain to me how the UN, with massive influence and supported by countries all over the world, cannot stop this dreadful slaughter.

Australia is now a member of the Security-Council, so it’s time we stood up and forced the other members of the council to use their power to stop the killing. How long will the UN stand by and allow the deaths of women and children to continue.

UN soldiers

Talk of a ring road around Perth is at the discussion stage. With the population of Australia expected to top thirty million within the next few years. it is time to stop talking and start building. Infrastructure and expansion of our highways is another election question for Julia and Tony.

As a Christian country, should we allow gay marriage?

If everyone was gay what would happen to the family? What would happen to marriage?

Will this be discussed leading up to the election and would it affect your vote?

by Tommy Taylor


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