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How did a Slipper problem become a story of misogyny and sexual innuendo?

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott had a slanging match full of accusations, but somehow missed out on the main reason for the argument! Slipper resigning was lost in the bitter tirade between pollies in a slanging match. Do they really think this type of spin will change voters support, and will serious issues such as soldiers killed in a forgotten war become second choice to personal attack in the house?

The Vatican is sending to Australia one of its most important relics. Until 1976, St Francis Xavier was a Patron Saint of Australia. Now the severed right arm of the saint is travelling from Rome to Australia. What a wonderful chance for our national news to report a Christian event and perhaps give all Christians a chance to voice their opinions on Australia today.

How do we compare to years ago when we had our own patron saint and a more Christian view of our country?

Many television viewers who watch antique programmes and Bargain Hunt will be sad to hear David Barby died this year.

I am sure you have read the story of Jimmy Saville and his alleged sexual attacks. I’m amazed the stories have not appeared before now. Apparently everyone knew. If this had been covered up for forty years, it’s not only Saville who should be held accountable, but also the ones who have been covering up.

Why did so many top people keep the secret?

by Tommy Taylor

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