Tommy Taylor’s SRU (Sunday Round-Up)

Another week of spin and pollies ducking the issues they promised when elected.

Both parties highlighted issues relating to education, policing and health. Crime is increasing…especially violent crime. The promise of more police officers recruited to the force has been a miserable failure.

There’s going to be more doctors and nurses to boost our hospitals and reducing waiting times for patients.

Also, there’ll be extra teachers to improve standards and results.  The reasons given are the same every time during the gap between elections…budget, costs and lack of funds. Yet the Prime Minister can offer extra millions each time she appears on television.

We spend millions on Afghanistan and boat people. It also costs over 25 million dollars on a temporary seat on the Security Council.

Does Julia Gillard think we will forget her promises when trying to get elected? Enough spin and committees…it’s time to give us action.

The electorate want security in their homes and a quick response from the police services. We don’t want excuses that there are only a few officers per area, off sick, days off, no one is available to come to your aid within the next so many hours.

We know you wish to treat us in hospital but there just are not enough nurses and doctors to give us their attention.

We need teachers but cannot afford to pay them, or control classes effectively. Another school closed this week. Excuses now, but promises when the next election approaches.

Less name calling and personal attacks…you are fooling nobody…action not promises.

So, Jimmy Saville was allegedly protected by the big guns of broadcasting and allegedly those assaulted are to sue the BBC. Another big name has been branded about, with allegations of misconduct.

Why does all the dirty washing come out after forty years?

Questions like who knew and why was nothing done should be answered.

There needs to be a procedure to log and check continuously, any sexual predators, paroled sex offenders with penalties imposed on the offenders and the people responsible for checking their situation, will enable many to sleep peacefully in their beds. Criminals who have been released early and re-offend are often pardoned by persons without any penalty for their mistakes.

Who is it that is culpable for releasing an offender, who then commits a rape…or even a murder?

Should we let the decision makers get off free or should they be punished along with the criminal? Time off for good behaviour should be changed to time added for bad behaviour.

The Melbourne Cup is only weeks away and our Ozzie News super-tipster is promising to do better than last year. He says he is sure he will get it right this time. When I asked him did he have inside information, his answer was to stroke the side of his nose. Either he has a cold or the horse has a name with nose in it. My confidence is slipping away, but I will support a fellow hack and have my wages on the nose…that is of course, when he tells me the horse’s name.

Four hundred years ago fourteen monks were lynched in Europe. They were Catholics and their killers were Protestants…Christians killing Christians. It’s good to see that here in Australia Christians can live together in peace.

There have been protests by Muslims in Australia which has had enormous TV coverage not only here, but around the world. What a great shame that in a Christian country, like Australia, there has been little, if any, coverage of the arrival of a truly historic relic from Rome. Australia’s Patron Saint died on a visit to Asia centuries ago. His body was buried but the right arm was severed and sent to Rome. It is this famous relic of St Francis, who used to be a Patron Saint of Australia that is being returned to be displayed locally Cathedral in Perth and in the suburb of Armadale.

Various other cities are included in the famous visit to Australia and Asia. Let’s hope there is as much TV and news coverage of this happy visit as the protesters received for their violent behaviour.

Still no news of April the young girl missing in Wales. Let’s pray she is found safe and well.

Soccer and Australia is on the way to next World Cup. All we need is just a few more decent results.

It’s been a week of saints and sinners…but what can you expect in politics? What does misogyny mean? My wife said it means you are a Laborite…I dunno…ask a woman a simple question…

by Tommy Taylor


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