Tommy Taylor’s SRU (Sunday Round-Up)

What a week.

It seems we have been looking back over the last fifty years. The Beatles and James Bond are giving us nostalgia of times long ago. Have you forgotten Sir Cliff Richard and Status Quo are visiting us here in Australia? And who can forget The Rolling Stones.

Living in the past brings back our youth and times when we were hot to trot and didn’t need the horse dance. But we live in the now and should embrace the changes. After all, as we look a great deal older, so do our past heroes.

A child missing in Australia is found and we celebrate our good fortune. In the UK a child is missing and we are saddened with the terrible waiting time. An Irish lady is murdered in Oz, but we all joined together in support of the family and their loss.

How long must we employ troops in Afghanistan, in a war no one can win? More than fifty years ago we had a rocket base in the out-back. With nuclear bombs we could defend ourselves and the times of war were said to be over. Defense is the key word…we need to be able to defend ourselves. But how is conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan a form of defense? Who pays the cost and suffering of wars?

Did the presidential TV debate thrill you? Are you interested in who won or lost?

Bring on the A-League soccer season and the Melbourne Cup, before I commit Harri Kari.

Fifty years ago we sang Love, Love Me Do and danced until dawn. We sang to Elvis, Little Richard and we jived and boogied…now it’s Gangnam and boy bands. What music will the next fifty years bring us? I expect Status Quo will still be here and Cliff on his Zimmer-Frame to have a Christmas number one, and  the Stones will still be touring.

I predict the Dockers will be the top team in the year 2062, and Kevin Rudd will still be trying to be selected to lead the party.

by Tommy Taylor


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