Tommy Taylors SRU (Sunday Round Up)

I cannot believe our Julia Gillard is pushing for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Spending millions of dollars for a seat on a council that has no chance of enhancing security in the world. Look at the competition…it’s between us and Luxembourg, Finland…say no more!

We are sending more troops to Afghanistan or changing over units for those already there? The Yanks are pulling out troops from Afghanistan…have we lost the plot?

Our police did a good job with the protesters last week, but it was back to investigative work with the search for missing Melbourne girl this week.  First class job and they had an arrest within days. Hope they get the thanks due to them.

Budget and deficits in the news – can pollies add up? Do you think they understand how much it costs to equip and employ our defence forces in other countries?

Defence means defending Australia not exporting troops to far off lands and acting as teachers to rebels. Let us hope Julia Gillard does not offer to send our men to Syria, Iran, Libya or anywhere else.

The US president is calling for help in increasing sanctions against Iran. He thinks we are going to see conflict between Iran and Israel.

What if the conflict was nuclear? The whole of the Middle East would become involved.

What a cheerful lead up to Christmas he presents to the world. I wonder if he has started building his bunker. His chances of remaining president are slowly fading away. Does he actually do anything?

Latest on UK landmarks – Buckingham Palace is being renamed Queen Liz-Land and open to the public with games and rides.

It may even compete with that little known amusement park near Paris.

by Tommy Taylor


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