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(Tommy is on holiday, so this week, his column has been compiled by his mother-in-law).

What a strange week I’ve had…it all concerns Europe.

Governments in Europe have been either for or against gay marriage. The French wife of a prominent politician is for gay marriage because she has friends in the entertainment business. I wonder how her husband votes on important issues. Does he vote according to how many friends he has, or if the vote is pretty or not.

Another European country is allegedly discussing if beastiality should be illegal.

Did you know bestiality is legal in at least five European countries…many are changing their position.

A protest group is against any changes to the law. They may complain if it contravenes their rights. If they want to have sex with bears or sheep it is their right and should not be stopped by nanny politicians. Pardon me while I discuss this with my editor…he’s passed out.

Farmers who could make money from hiring out their beasts for sex say they may lose revenue if the law is changed…the editor just passed out again. Obviously, he is against zoo-phelia!

To think the Europeans are against gay marriage and for other forms of sex is strange to say the least.

In years gone by beastiality and sodomy were either the norm or outlawed. What will tomorrow bring?

I was certain it was a wind up…but unfortunately herds of cows and flocks of sheep have been gathering before boarding ships for the Middle East.  The French have been known to eat horse meat for many years, but they draw the line at becoming too close to animals.

Have you ever thought which country has the best looking pollies?

Here in Australia it would be difficult for our pollies to win a beauty pageant. Who is the best cricketer in the world…no contest, he lives here God’s country…Australia.

Sex crimes continue – what happened to the royal commission?

Boat people still arriving – what happened to the controls?

How quickly pollies forget the dead and dying in Palestine. A vote of support was denied in case it upset the USA and Israel. It was passed anyway…good on em.

Have you noticed how the USA has become insular and pulled back from conflicts? They have realised it is costly to fight wars. Another conflict could see them bankrupt, so it’s time to ignore Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Iran…is it time to withdraw from Afghanistan?

A strange week indeed – it’s nearly Christmas, and the time of good will to all men…and maybe a few animals.

Tommy is back next week. He’s taking a break in Europe. I will check his bag when he gets home for endangered species. Thankfully, he is a vegetarian.

by Tommy Taylor’s mother-in-law

I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries


  1. What sort of online newspaper is this !
    If you’re stating that you’re Tommy Taylor’s mother in law,then I cannot believe that you would talk about sex with animals !
    I’m quite disgusted.
    Bring back Tommy, if he is Tommy Taylor.

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