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Saint John the Divine was a monk on Patmos around one hundred years after the death of Christ.

He wrote a book about Revelations…or possibly he dreamed about what he thought would happen after the destruction of the city of Jerusalem by the Romans. Mostly his anger was directed at Nero.

Now today, we are seeing another attack in the Middle-East.

Of what interest is that to us? Well, do you not think it unusual that world leaders are not trying their best to stop the conflict?

The president of the USA is in Burma, the Russians are keeping quiet and the Chinese are setting up a new government. Germany is lending money to Egypt and France, and the UK are recognising Syrian rebels.

As my old dad used to say, ‘the world is going to pot in an old wheel barrow’.

Both Israel and Palestine are at fault.

Don’t take sides…they are being manipulated by men with their own intentions, and the ordinary people are being bombed.

It’s time the big wealthy powerful countries said enough is enough .Stop the rockets now…today…at once. Communication is the only way to resolve your problems.

The USA is too close to Israel and gives them support. They should use that support to stop the fighting. The Arab countries, especially Egypt, have stepped in and called a truce, but they should stop the terrorists from using force and threats…more talking and less using the people of Palestine as pawns in their game.

Other than Middle-East worries about a possible world war, this week has been a touch slow.

Madonna is selling her house in New York for many millions of dollars.

The Jimmy Saville case in the UK is dragging on.

Boats are still arriving, and more stories of child abuse…a commission could be set up by the next millennium.

We don’t want women Bishops say some Christian churches.

Also, there’s a protest against gay marriages and stormy weather in Australia, and a shortage of rain.

There have been a number of earthquakes this year all around the world. Is someone telling us something and we’re not listening? Remember the Mayans prediction for December…and Revelations prediction of where Armageddon is set to kick off.

Good the Dockers went for youth and building for the future.

Still only four weeks to Christmas…time for last minute shopping.

My wishes for Christmas are peace in the Middle-East and less abuse towards children and more power to the police to find and arrest paedophiles.

I’d also like to see more courage for judges to provide sentences that fit the crime…and not to complain about not having enough prisons, Pollies who tell the truth…and an end to wars around the world, peace to men of goodwill.

Did you see that flying by? I’m sure it was a porker.


by Tommy Taylor


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