Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a week it’s been.

I always feel insecure when pollies tell us they are looking to give us better defence and a safer world. Look at what’s happening in the USA…there’s a president who does not want to spend money during a depression on war.

He looked on as Egypt changed governments and Europe loaned them billions of dollars despite being in recession and threatening Greece with expulsion. He allowed NATO to free Libya, he sat back as the UN failed in Syria, and now he wants out of Afghanistan.

Who do you think he is going to get to carry the ball in Afghanistan?

The USA wants bases in Australia, and what do they want in return? I am not sure if it’s good having US bases in Australia or what message it sends to Asian neighbours.

It’s time to get out of Afghanistan and consolidate our position as a friend to America but not an attack dog.

It’s strange that the CIA chief and the general in Afghanistan are caught up in a sex scandal. Do you think it could be espionage or even a cover-up? Perhaps it’s time to exit Afghanistan.

In a time of fiscal carefulness, what better than to set up a commission? All the money spent on clerks and lawyers and a commission will take years and cost a fortune.

Why not send in the police to arrest sex-offenders and child molesters. Action now, not in many years later, when a commission report is presented but not followed up for a long time.

It’s now six weeks since little April was snatched in Wales. Our sympathies are with the family, and let us hope they find her soon.

There’s been a great cricket match with superb batting both sides. South Africa are a world class side and we proved we can match them ball for ball.

Good to see soccer is showing signs of attracting younger players…especially youngsters. Getting through to the world cup for our young players is a boost for the sport.

The world five-a-sides in Thailand is quick and exciting, just the type of game we should encourage our youngsters to take up and keep fit.

Polls show Tony Abbot is losing ground. Is it time to look at a change? He has taken a lot of personal criticism which is affecting his standing in the polls. He should be attacking Julia Gillard’s give away policies. Boat people policy is not working and taxes will damage the countries’ ability to recover.

Gangnam won top music award as we predicted over a month ago.

In the UK, ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has started’. As it’s made in Australia, is it asking too much for us to see the show over here? I expect it will be on Foxtel or Go! very soon.

More famous people arrested in the Jimmy Saville story – how did it go on for so long? Is it reminiscent of the religious cover ups reported in the news?

Are you watching our favourite goon with his travels in Brazil on TV every Sunday? Michael Palin in Rio – it’s great as long he as doesn’t sing the lumber jack song.

Have a happy week.

by Tommy Taylor


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