Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a week it’s been.

Celtic robbed in Spain and a budget robs everyone else.

How we still give millions of dollars to foreign countries and spend millions more on infrastructure and boat people.

How much did we get from Carbon Tax? Still don’t know! Well, spend it anyway. Perhaps we should have a poll on, “Do we believe what pollies say?”, “Is Julia Gillard ahead of Tony Abbott?”…who cares?

Is the money spent on obtaining a seat on the Security Council more than air fares for overseas flights for MP’s?

Have we got enough policemen and teachers and nurses…NO! Never mind, we can have another poll or flight to America or give money to Africa.

It will soon be Melbourne Cup Day and a holiday.

In the UK more than 300 people say they were allegedly abused by Jimmy Saville. Who said you are better off dead.

The Jersey Boys is coming to Perth after only being a hit musical for ten years, thank goodness Cliff Richard (is he over 100 years old yet?) still knows the way to WA.

The arm of St Francis Xavier has arrived in WA .It was flown in this week and is on its way to Armadale. Surely you must have seen it on the Television news programmes, or even in the national newspapers. Oh no, the media was covering another religions holiday. It’s only taken 600 years for the arm to visit Australia…better see it now as you could be long gone before it comes back for a visit.

Our racing tipster is giving the name of his cup selection next week. His latest clue, and remember he only names one horse not several, like all the other pundits, is…’not a cathedral?’

Well it’s better than last week’s clue, “it has four legs”.

Last year his tip was put down after being found in Mooney’s bar drinking Guinness with vodka chasers on the way to the course. This year he’s praying for rain, so he can water down the mounts intake of alcohol.

In the UK news, the story of Ford closing down their car plant…a warning to us over here. If foreign car makers were to close their plants in Australia there would be thousands of jobs lost. Also our ability to design and manufacture cars of the future will be lost. Heed the warnings…Morris, Austin Wolsey and Jaguar and Rolls Royce all the once famous names are no longer British or some don’t even exist.

The UK made a great number of motorcycles now they are made in Asia. If we want our industries to survive we should give them our support.  Support Holden. Also, Quantas must keep all their servicing in Australia. If necessary, the government can give money to our own industry and not spend unwisely.

Latest on Grey, Tom Cruise to play Christian and Charlize Theron to play Anna…but it’s just a rumour. Although I do agree with our entertainment glam lady (Helena Bryanlith)…Tom is excellent in Rock of Ages…shame the film is not as good as his performance. Another rumour to be dashed is John Travolta and Madonna to play the leads in Grey. They’re probably too busy examining the form of our Cup selection.

My choice, and I agree, I am not up on the latest Hollywood scene.

Is Pattinson and Stewart for Grey…what a dream team.

Who do you think would be your choice?

by Tommy Taylor


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