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Three girls stolen away ten years ago, when they were only in their teens, have been rescued in the USA.

Family reunited after kidnap

This must give hope to the parents of the girl stolen in Portugal six years ago. The Madeline kidnapping case is still unsolved.
A rape in Rio will bring a warning to those going to Brazil for the World Cup.

It seems we will not be seeing Sir Alex Ferguson in Australia next year. He is retiring from Manchester United as manager, but staying on in a director’s capacity. The new manager will not enjoy having a famous ex-manager looking over his shoulder. As Fergie was to retire last year, there must have been twelve months to select the best prospective manager to take over. Good luck to David Moyes.

With the election only months away, we can expect some policy proposals to be aired over the next few weeks. Neither side is leading the way with fresh ideas. It seems all they do is spend their time attacking each other.

The hole in our finances is being blamed on less cash from the mining taxes. Did we spend before knowing the facts, Julia? Why is there always budget difficulties when we are about to change governments? Is it always the other parties fault?

It’s time to admit mistakes and put the finances in order. Months ago we were warned of the powerful dollar exchange rate. It affects our exports, even though we still have out-performed most, if not all, other countries. Our exports over imports are still in surplus…perhaps controls of give-aways to foreign countries and overseas defence programmes need redefining.

In sport, our tennis assistants are taking up self-defence…hitting the ball too hard can cause damage!
Drugs in sport do have to be controlled…too many aspirins can affect performances after a heavy night preparing for the game.

Finally, Mother’s Day is that time of the year when you appreciate how powerful the mental capacity is of a mother to cuddle, after work and daily chores.

by Tommy Taylor


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