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A Queen retires and a new King takes over the kingdom.

Holland celebrated in style the first king to reign in nearly a century.

King Willem Alexander is the new King of Holland

In Afghanistan, a road side bomb kills UK troops.

More than 400 dead in building collapse and protestors call for the death penalty.

In India, the four year old child who was raped has died.

The girl convicted of murder in Italy and later released, has written a book with her version of the story. The money from the book and TV appearances will go towards her defence costs. She will not be returning to Italy for the retrial.

Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho, looks almost certain to leave for Chelsea.

Election news – the budget will address the huge deficit (this has been predicted by analyst experts). The Medicare costs will be increased, as will millions of dollars added to defence spending. The higher Australian dollar is affecting exports.

Alleged reports about Rolf Harris are surely mistaken.

How can the most beautiful woman in the world not be an Australian? Gwyneth Paltrow is nowhere near as pretty as our Nicole Kidman.

Same sex marriages and adoptions have caused uproars in Europe – but here a pollie has called for us to follow New Zealand and take a vote on killing off a family tradition. I wonder how his electors feel on his proposal. Come the election, people will vote on what their pollies have to say on Australian family values.

I think it’s time to vote Independent. At least you can vote them out if you disagree with their decisions, and vote in another Independent who does agree with your views.

It’s difficult to vote out all of Labor or Liberals, even if the party leaders are not exactly the full ticket.

In sport, our swimmers are showing strong form, and our cricketers are planning their attack on the Poms in the Ashes.

Do you think a horse trainer should be too close to a business involving gambling?  Once again, I was emotional about the ANZAC day parades. Australia alone remembers with pride our fallen heroes. Poppy days around the world have become less well attended but here we still say, ‘Lest We Forget’, and keep the faith.

The kids will be back to school soon and we can get some well-deserved rest from noise and tantrums and exhaustion. We love them really, but where do they get their energy from. If only we could bottle it…let us hope for a peaceful week starting on Monday.

Don’t forget to book to go and see The Jersey Boys, it is said to be outstanding.

I read Rahndi Ghit’s article last week…where did they find him. He knows as much about sport as TOG.

by Tommy Taylor


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