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It was Easter last week – do we remember our childhood and the message of Easter, Bible stories and the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Do you remember stories from the Old Testament and the warnings about sin and punishment?

The Old TestamentDo you really think this is the time for processions supporting gay marriage…for political decisions to be taken on same sex unions… when not only Christians, but Muslims and Jews are against the proposed change in the laws?

Do you think all politicians are thinking about their share of the vote instead of what church goers need at this time of the year?

With so much hype and media coverage for the proposals, I just thought it was time to stop and think more calmly.

There’s been a senior Australian being questioned on possible sexual errors in London. Is it connected to the Saville affair? Some of the alleged names mentioned as possible candidates have surprised me and I cannot believe they are true.

When will gun laws in the USA ever be changed? And will the UN put a stop to child killing in Syria? Their latest bungle is to ask for troops to be sent to Mali. Will Australia want to send our boys to kill children in Africa?

Sadly some older citizens are showing signs of ill health including Nelson Mandela in South Africa and the Queen in the UK. Why do despots seem to have the best of health?

All out of Afghanistan – next year should see if the war worked or was it another a lead up to more carnage.

You can tell I’ve had a bad week, instead of celebrating Easter, I’ve been depressed at all the bad news.

Next week is sure to be better.

by Tommy Taylor


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